Efrén Mezura-Montes
Efrén Mezura-Montes
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Constraint-handling in nature-inspired numerical optimization: past, present and future
E Mezura-Montes, CAC Coello
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Constraint-handling in genetic algorithms through the use of dominance-based tournament selection
CAC Coello, EM Montes
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JJ Liang, TP Runarsson, E Mezura-Montes, M Clerc, PN Suganthan, ...
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E Mezura-Montes, CAC Coello
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E Mezura-Montes, CAC Coello
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A Rodríguez-Molina, E Mezura-Montes, MG Villarreal-Cervantes, ...
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Current and future research trends in evolutionary multiobjective optimization
CA Coello Coello, GT Pulido, EM Montes
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Evaluation of the diagnostic power of thermography in breast cancer using bayesian network classifiers
CR Nicandro, MM Efrén, AA Maria Yaneli, MDCM Enrique, ...
Computational and mathematical methods in medicine 2013, 2013
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