Michael Moore
Michael Moore
USGS Iowa Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit/ Iowa State University
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An assessment of life-history studies for USA and Canadian crayfishes: identifying biases and knowledge gaps to improve conservation and management
MJ Moore, RJ DiStefano, ER Larson
Freshwater Science 32 (4), 1276-1287, 2013
Introduced alien ringed crayfish (Orconectes neglectus neglectus [Faxon, 1885]) threaten imperiled coldwater crayfish (Orconectes eupunctus Williams, 1952) in the Eleven Point …
EM Imhoff, MJ Moore, RJ DiStefano
Aquatic Invasions 7 (1), 129-134, 2012
Occupancy and detection of clinch dace using two gear types
MJ Moore, DJ Orth, EA Frimpong
Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 8 (2), 530-543, 2017
Effects of latitude, season, and temperature on lake sturgeon movement
MJ Moore, CP Paukert, TL Moore
North American Journal of Fisheries Management 41 (4), 916-928, 2021
Diverse portfolios: Investing in tributaries for restoration of large river fishes in the Anthropocene
KL Bouska, BD Healy, MJ Moore, CG Dunn, JJ Spurgeon, CP Paukert
Frontiers in Environmental Science 11, 1151315, 2023
Lake sturgeon seasonal movements in regulated and unregulated Missouri River tributaries
MJ Moore, CP Paukert, BL Brooke, TL Moore
Ecohydrology 15 (1), e2362, 2022
Spawning observations of Clinch Dace: Comparison of Chrosomus spawning behavior
HR Hatcher, MJ Moore, DJ Orth
The American Midland Naturalist 177 (2), 318-326, 2017
Densities and Population Sizes of Clinch Dace Chrosomus sp. cf. saylori in the Upper Clinch River Basin in Virginia
MJ Moore, EM Hallerman, DJ Orth
Copeia 105 (1), 92-99, 2017
Multi-metric conservation assessment for the imperiled Clinch Dace
MJ Moore, DJ Orth, EM Hallerman
Southeastern Fishes Council Proceedings 1 (58), 3, 2018
Co-occurring lotic crayfishes exhibit variable long-term responses to extreme-flow events and temperature
CG Dunn, MJ Moore, NA Sievert, CP Paukert, RJ DiStefano
Freshwater Science 40 (4), 626-643, 2021
Habitat selection in a southern Lake Sturgeon population: implications of temporal, spatial, and ontogenetic variation for restoration
MJ Moore, CP Paukert, SP Owens, TL Moore
Restoration Ecology 30 (7), e13602, 2022
Distribution and population characterization of Clinch Dace (Chrosomus sp. cf. saylori) in the Upper Clinch River System, Virginia
MJ Moore
Virginia Tech, 2016
Conservation Genetics of Clinch Dace Chrosomus sp. cf. saylori
R Bourquin, MJ Moore, DJ Orth, EM Hallerman
Fishes 8 (7), 365, 2023
Stories worth sharing
MJ Moore, DJ Orth
Fisheries 43 (12), 575-576, 2018
What can conservation culturomics tell us about factors driving public interest in aquatic endangered species
MJ Moore, AA Hyman
Biological Conservation 289, 110397, 2024
Spatiotemporal Variation in Lake Sturgeon Movement and Habitat Selection in Missouri River Tributaries: Implications for the Management and Recovery of Populations at Range Margins
MJ Moore
University of Missouri-Columbia, 2021
Dispersal and Survival Estimates of Juvenile Lake Sturgeon Stocked in Multiple Locations in the Osage and Gasconade Rivers, Missouri.
C Paukert, M Moore
2020 Southern Division-American Fisheries Society meeting, 2020
Beginner GIS for Ecologists
KN Key, M Moore
2019 CERF Biennial Conference, 2019
Factors Explaining Spatiotemporal Variation in Movement Patterns for a Coolwater Fish, the Lake Sturgeon
M Moore, C Paukert, T Moore
American Fisheries Society & The Wildlife Society 2019 Joint Annual Conference, 2019
Continuing Education-Beginning GIS for Fisheries Scientists
K Key, M Moore
American Fisheries Society & The Wildlife Society 2019 Joint Annual Conference, 2019
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