Miha Založnik
Miha Založnik
CNRS – Institut Jean Lamour
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Prediction of macrosegregation in steel ingots: Influence of the motion and the morphology of equiaxed grains
H Combeau, M Založnik, S Hans, PE Richy
Metallurgical and materials transactions B 40, 289-304, 2009
An operator splitting scheme for coupling macroscopic transport and grain growth in a two-phase multiscale solidification model: Part II Application of the model
M Založnik, A Kumar, H Combeau
Computational Materials Science 48 (1), 11-21, 2010
Call for contributions to a numerical benchmark problem for 2D columnar solidification of binary alloys
M Bellet, H Combeau, Y Fautrelle, D Gobin, M Rady, E Arquis, ...
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 48 (11), 2013-2016, 2009
Solution of transient direct-chill aluminium billet casting problem with simultaneous material and interphase moving boundaries by a meshless method
R Vertnik, M Založnik, B Šarler
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 30 (10), 847-855, 2006
Microsegregation, macrosegregation and related phase transformations in TiAl alloys
D Daloz, U Hecht, J Zollinger, H Combeau, A Hazotte, M Založnik
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Thermosolutal flow in steel ingots and the formation of mesosegregates
M Založnik, H Combeau
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M Založnik, B Šarler
Materials Science and Engineering: A 413, 85-91, 2005
A meshless approach towards the solution of macrosegregation phenomena
G Kosec, M Založnik, B Šarler, H Combeau
Computers, Materials & Continua 22 (2), 169-196, 2011
Analysis of a numerical benchmark for columnar solidification of binary alloys
H Combeau, M Bellet, Y Fautrelle, D Gobin, E Arquis, O Budenkova, ...
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 33 (1), 012086, 2012
Mesoscopic modeling of spacing and grain selection in columnar dendritic solidification: Envelope versus phase-field model
A Viardin, M Založnik, Y Souhar, M Apel, H Combeau
Acta Materialia 122, 386-399, 2017
Three-dimensional mesoscopic modeling of equiaxed dendritic solidification of a binary alloy
Y Souhar, VF De Felice, C Beckermann, H Combeau, M Založnik
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Modeling of the coupling of microstructure and macrosegregation in a direct chill cast Al-Cu billet
L Heyvaert, M Bedel, M Založnik, H Combeau
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 48, 4713-4734, 2017
Effects of the powder, laser parameters and surface conditions on the molten pool formation in the selective laser melting of IN718
Y Li, M Založnik, J Zollinger, L Dembinski, A Mathieu
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 289, 116930, 2021
Study of the influence of mushy zone permeability laws on macro-and meso-segregations predictions
A Kumar, M Založnik, H Combeau
International journal of thermal sciences 54, 33-47, 2012
Influence of transport mechanisms on macrosegregation formation in direct chill cast industrial scale aluminum alloy ingots
M Založnik, A Kumar, H Combeau, M Bedel, P Jarry, E Waz
Advanced Engineering Materials 13 (7), 570-580, 2011
Verification of a numerical model of macrosegregation in direct chill casting
M Založnik, S Xin, B Šarler
International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow 18 (3/4 …, 2008
Effect of discretization of permeability term and mesh size on macro-and meso-segregation predictions
A Kumar, B Dussoubs, M Založnik, H Combeau
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42 (10), 105503, 2009
Quantitative analysis by in situ synchrotron X-ray radiography of the evolution of the mushy zone in a fixed temperature gradient
G Salloum-Abou-Jaoude, G Reinhart, H Combeau, M Založnik, TA Lafford, ...
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A model study of the impact of the transport of inoculant particles on microstructure formation during solidification
M Bedel, KO Tveito, M Založnik, H Combeau, M M’Hamdi
Computational Materials Science 102, 95-109, 2015
Investigation of macrosegregation formation in aluminium DC casting for different alloy systems
A Pakanati, M M’hamdi, H Combeau, M Založnik
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 49, 4710-4721, 2018
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