Mikael Puurtinen
Mikael Puurtinen
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Between-group competition and human cooperation
M Puurtinen, T Mappes
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 276 (1655), 355-360, 2009
Conservation implications of species–genetic diversity correlations
A Kahilainen, M Puurtinen, JS Kotiaho
Global Ecology and Conservation 2, 315-323, 2014
Mate choice for indirect genetic benefits: scrutiny of the current paradigm
JS Kotiaho, M Puurtinen
Functional Ecology 21 (4), 638-644, 2007
The good-genes and compatible-genes benefits of mate choice
M Puurtinen, T Ketola, JS Kotiaho
The American Naturalist 174 (5), 741-752, 2009
Costly punishment prevails in intergroup conflict
L Sääksvuori, T Mappes, M Puurtinen
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences 278 (1723 …, 2011
On the resolution of the lek paradox
JS Kotiaho, NR LeBas, M Puurtinen, JL Tomkins
Trends in ecology & evolution 23 (1), 1-3, 2008
Mate choice for optimal (k) inbreeding
M Puurtinen
Evolution 65 (5), 1501-1505, 2011
The effect of inbreeding rate on fitness, inbreeding depression and heterosis over a range of inbreeding coefficients
N Pekkala, KE Knott, JS Kotiaho, K Nissinen, M Puurtinen
Evolutionary Applications 7 (9), 1107-1119, 2014
Content, cost, and context: A framework for understanding human signaling systems
JL Barker, EA Power, S Heap, M Puurtinen, R Sosis
Evolutionary Anthropology: Issues, News, and Reviews 28 (2), 86-99, 2019
Genetic compatibility and sexual selection
M Puurtinen, T Ketola, JS Kotiaho
Trends in Ecology and Evolution 20 (4), 157-158, 2005
Mate-search efficiency can determine the evolution of separate sexes and the stability of hermaphroditism in animals
M Puurtinen, V Kaitala
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Genetic variability and drift load in populations of an aquatic snail
M Puurtinen, KE Knott, S Suonpää, T Ooik, V Kaitala
Evolution 58 (4), 749-756, 2004
Mate choice for genetic benefits: time to put the pieces together
A Hettyey, G Hegyi, M Puurtinen, H Hoi, J Török, DJ Penn
Ethology 116 (1), 1-9, 2010
The joint emergence of group competition and within-group cooperation
M Puurtinen, S Heap, T Mappes
Evolution and Human Behavior 36 (3), 211-217, 2015
The effects of mating system and genetic variability on susceptibility to trematode parasites in a freshwater snail, Lymnaea stagnalis
M Puurtinen, M Hytönen, KE Knott, J Taskinen, K Nissinen, V Kaitala
Evolution 58 (12), 2747-2753, 2004
Predominance of outcrossing in Lymnaea stagnalis despite low apparent fitness costs of self‐fertilization
M Puurtinen, K Emily Knott, S Suonpää, K Nissinen, V Kaitala
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 20 (3), 901-912, 2007
Planetary well-being
T Kortetmäki, M Puurtinen, M Salo, G Cortés-Capano, S Karkulehto, ...
Jyväskylä, Finland, covering topics from macroecology to conservation …, 2024
Effect of soil moisture on pesticide toxicity to an enchytraeid worm, Enchytraeus sp.
HM Puurtinen, EAT Martikainen
Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology 33 (1), 34-41, 1997
Inbreeding rate modifies the dynamics of genetic load in small populations
N Pekkala, K Emily Knott, JS Kotiaho, M Puurtinen
Ecology and Evolution 2 (8), 1791-1804, 2012
The benefits of interpopulation hybridization diminish with increasing divergence of small populations
N Pekkala, K E. Knott, JS Kotiaho, K Nissinen, M Puurtinen
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25 (11), 2181-2193, 2012
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