Ana Beatriz Solana Sánchez
Ana Beatriz Solana Sánchez
Center for Biomedical Technology UPM
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Changes in resting‐state functionally connected parietofrontal networks after videogame practice
K Martinez, AB Solana, M Burgaleta, JA Hernández‐Tamames, ...
Human Brain Mapping 34 (12), 3143-3157, 2013
Structural changes after videogame practice related to a brain network associated with intelligence
R Colom, MÁ Quiroga, AB Solana, M Burgaleta, FJ Roman, J Privado, ...
Intelligence 40 (5), 479-489, 2012
Quiet and distortion‐free, whole brain BOLD fMRI using T2‐prepared RUFIS
AB Solana, A Menini, LI Sacolick, N Hehn, F Wiesinger
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 75 (4), 1402-1412, 2016
Traces of trauma: a multivariate pattern analysis of childhood trauma, brain structure, and clinical phenotypes
D Popovic, A Ruef, DB Dwyer, LA Antonucci, J Eder, R Sanfelici, ...
Biological Psychiatry 88 (11), 829-842, 2020
Looping star
F Wiesinger, A Menini, AB Solana
Magnetic resonance in medicine 81 (1), 57-68, 2019
Silent zero TE MR neuroimaging: current state-of-the-art and future directions
E Ljungberg, NL Damestani, TC Wood, DJ Lythgoe, F Zelaya, ...
Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 123, 73-93, 2021
Looping star fMRI in cognitive tasks and resting state
B Dionisio‐Parra, F Wiesinger, PG Sämann, M Czisch, AB Solana
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 52 (3), 739-751, 2020
Silent myelin-weighted magnetic resonance imaging
TC Wood, NL Damestani, AJ Lawrence, E Ljungberg, GJ Barker, ...
Wellcome Open Research 5, 2020
Disparate connectivity for structural and functional networks is revealed when physical location of the connected nodes is considered
JA Pineda-Pardo, K Martínez, AB Solana, JA Hernández-Tamames, ...
Brain topography 28, 187-196, 2015
Gradient induced artifacts in simultaneous EEG-fMRI: Effect of synchronization on spiral and EPI k-space trajectories
AB Solana, JA Hernandez-Tamames, E Manzanedo, R Garcia-Alvarez, ...
Magnetic resonance imaging 32 (6), 684-692, 2014
Objective assessment of olfactory function using functional magnetic resonance imaging
A Toledano, S Borromeo, G Luna, E Molina, AB Solana, P García-Polo, ...
Acta Otorrinolaringologica (English Edition) 63 (4), 280-285, 2012
Silent T1 mapping using the variable flip angle method with B1 correction
E Ljungberg, T Wood, AB Solana, S Kolind, SCR Williams, F Wiesinger, ...
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 84 (2), 813-824, 2020
Exploring links between psychosis and frontotemporal dementia using multimodal machine learning: Dementia praecox revisited
N Koutsouleris, C Pantelis, D Velakoulis, P McGuire, DB Dwyer, ...
JAMA psychiatry 79 (9), 907-919, 2022
Validation of the Bullying Scale for Adults-Results of the PRONIA-study
TK Haidl, N Schneider, K Dickmann, S Ruhrmann, N Kaiser, M Rosen, ...
Journal of psychiatric research 129, 88-97, 2020
Silent T2* and T2 encoding using ZTE combined with BURST
RF Schulte, G Buonincontri, M Costagli, A Menini, F Wiesinger, AB Solana
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 81 (4), 2277-2287, 2019
Altered brain rhythms and functional network disruptions involved in patients with generalized fixation-off epilepsy
AB Solana, K Martínez, JA Hernández-Tamames, V San Antonio-Arce, ...
Brain imaging and behavior 10, 373-386, 2016
Looping Star silent fMRI: A platform for improving studies of auditory processing
N Damestani, D Lythgoe, F Wiesinger, AB Solana, SCR Williams, ...
27th ISMRM Annual Meeting, 2019
Silent, 3D MR parameter mapping using magnetization prepared zero TE
F Wiesinger, MA Janich, E Ljungberg, GJ Barker, AB Solana
Proc. Intl. Soc. Mag. Reson. Med 26, 0061, 2018
Silent T1-Mapping Using the Variable Flip Angle Method with Zero Echo Time
E Ljungberg, AB Solana, T Wood, S Kolind, F Wiesinger, G Barker
Proc. Intl. Soc. Mag. Reson. Med 26, 2018
Accelerated multi‐snapshot free‐breathing mapping based on the dual refocusing echo acquisition mode technique (DREAM): An alternative to measure RF nonuniformity for cardiac MRI
T Rincón‐Domínguez, A Menini, AB Solana, A Fischer, G Kudielka, ...
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 49 (2), 499-507, 2019
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