Nitin D. Banker
Nitin D. Banker
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Evaluation of minimum desorption temperatures of thermal compressors in adsorption refrigeration cycles
BB Saha, II El-Sharkawy, A Chakraborty, S Koyama, ND Banker, P Dutta, ...
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ND Banker, M Prasad, P Dutta, K Srinivasan
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Numerical investigation of heat transfer enhancement in a multitube thermal energy storage heat exchanger using fins
D Dandotiya, ND Banker
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D Dandotiya, ND Banker
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Experimental results of an activated carbon–HFC 134a adsorption cooling system for thermal management of electronics
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ND Banker
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Energy efficiency improvement of a refrigerator integrated with phase change material-based condenser
D Dandotiya, ND Banker
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Evaluation of minimum, maximum and optimum source temperature for solar-powered adsorption refrigeration system
ND Banker, D Dandotiya, SVR Morthala, M Gaddam, S Kakileti
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Effect of aspect ratio of heliostats on the optical efficiency of solar tower power plant–an experimental analysis
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Analysis and development of an activated carbon-HFC 134a adsorption refrigeration system
ND Banker
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M Pendurthi, VB Pelluru, A Chilakapati, D Dandotiya, ND Banker
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Theoretical investigation of aspect ratio of heliostat to minimize capital cost of solar tower plant
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