atef zaguia
atef zaguia
College of Computer Science and information technology, Taif University
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Global increase in breast cancer incidence: risk factors and preventive measures
D Kashyap, D Pal, R Sharma, VK Garg, N Goel, D Koundal, A Zaguia, ...
BioMed research international 2022, 2022
Deep neural networks for medical image segmentation
P Malhotra, S Gupta, D Koundal, A Zaguia, W Enbeyle
Journal of Healthcare Engineering 2022, 2022
Diabetic retinopathy diagnosis from fundus images using stacked generalization of deep models
H Kaushik, D Singh, M Kaur, H Alshazly, A Zaguia, H Hamam
IEEE Access 9, 108276-108292, 2021
A fuzzy convolutional neural network for enhancing multi-focus image fusion
K Bhalla, D Koundal, B Sharma, YC Hu, A Zaguia
Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation 84, 103485, 2022
A machine learning-based big EEG data artifact detection and wavelet-based removal: an empirical approach
S Stalin, V Roy, PK Shukla, A Zaguia, MM Khan, PK Shukla, A Jain
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2021, 1-11, 2021
Image segmentation of Leaf Spot Diseases on Maize using multi-stage Cauchy-enabled grey wolf algorithm
H Yu, J Song, C Chen, AA Heidari, J Liu, H Chen, A Zaguia, M Mafarja
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 109, 104653, 2022
Healthcare and fitness data management using the IoT-based blockchain platform
T Frikha, A Chaari, F Chaabane, O Cheikhrouhou, A Zaguia
Journal of Healthcare Engineering 2021, 2021
One-dimensional CNN approach for ECG arrhythmia analysis in fog-cloud environments
O Cheikhrouhou, R Mahmud, R Zouari, M Ibrahim, A Zaguia, TN Gia
IEEE Access 9, 103513-103523, 2021
Comparative analysis of deepfake image detection method using convolutional neural network
HS Shad, MM Rizvee, NT Roza, SM Hoq, M Monirujjaman Khan, A Singh, ...
Computational intelligence and neuroscience 2021, 2021
Comparative analysis of skin cancer (benign vs. malignant) detection using convolutional neural networks
MR Hasan, MI Fatemi, MM Khan, M Kaur, A Zaguia
Journal of Healthcare Engineering 2021, 2021
A low-cost multi-sensor data acquisition system for fault detection in fused deposition modelling
S Kumar, T Kolekar, S Patil, A Bongale, K Kotecha, A Zaguia, C Prakash
Sensors 22 (2), 517, 2022
Classification of Alzheimer’s disease using Gaussian-based Bayesian parameter optimization for deep convolutional LSTM network
M Sethi, S Ahuja, S Rani, P Bawa, A Zaguia
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine 2021, 1-16, 2021
Gaussian barebone salp swarm algorithm with stochastic fractal search for medical image segmentation: A COVID-19 case study
Q Zhang, Z Wang, AA Heidari, W Gui, Q Shao, H Chen, A Zaguia, ...
Computers in biology and medicine 139, 104941, 2021
Deriving probabilistic SVM kernels from flexible statistical mixture models and its application to retinal images classification
S Bourouis, A Zaguia, N Bouguila, R Alroobaea
IEEE Access 7, 1107-1117, 2018
SPOSDS: A smart Polycystic Ovary Syndrome diagnostic system using machine learning
S Tiwari, L Kane, D Koundal, A Jain, A Alhudhaif, K Polat, A Zaguia, ...
Expert Systems with Applications 203, 117592, 2022
An Exploration: Alzheimer's disease classification based on convolutional neural network
M Sethi, S Ahuja, S Rani, D Koundal, A Zaguia, W Enbeyle
BioMed Research International 2022, 2022
Smart supply chain management using the blockchain and smart contract
MD Turjo, MM Khan, M Kaur, A Zaguia
Scientific programming 2021, 1-12, 2021
Study on convolutional neural network to detect COVID-19 from chest X-rays
A Uddin, B Talukder, M Monirujjaman Khan, A Zaguia
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2021, 1-11, 2021
Reformist framework for improving human security for mobile robots in industry 4.0
A Singh Rajawat, P Bedi, SB Goyal, PK Shukla, A Zaguia, A Jain, ...
Mobile Information Systems 2021, 1-10, 2021
Solving the mesh router nodes placement in wireless mesh networks using coyote optimization algorithm
SM Taleb, Y Meraihi, AB Gabis, S Mirjalili, A Zaguia, A Ramdane-Cherif
Ieee Access 10, 52744-52759, 2022
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