Edgar Martin Hernandez
Edgar Martin Hernandez
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Université Laval
Preverjeni e-poštni naslov na ulaval.ca
Optimization formulations for multi-product supply chain networks
AM Sampat, E Martin, M Martin, VM Zavala
Computers & Chemical Engineering 104, 296-310, 2017
Optimal technology selection for the biogas upgrading to biomethane
E Martín-Hernández, LS Guerras, M Martín
Journal of cleaner production 267, 122032, 2020
Optimal integrated facility for waste processing
E Martín-Hernández, AM Sampat, VM Zavala, M Martín
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 131, 160-182, 2018
Technologies and logistics for phosphorus recovery from livestock waste
AM Sampat, E Martin-Hernandez, M Martín, VM Zavala
Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 20 (7), 1563-1579, 2018
A geospatial environmental and techno-economic framework for sustainable phosphorus management at livestock facilities
E Martín-Hernández, M Martín, GJ Ruiz-Mercado
Resources, Conservation and Recycling 175, 105843, 2021
Analysis of incentive policies for phosphorus recovery at livestock facilities in the Great Lakes area
E Martín-Hernández, Y Hu, VM Zavala, M Martín, GJ Ruiz-Mercado
Resources, Conservation and Recycling 177, 105973, 2022
Model-driven spatial evaluation of nutrient recovery from livestock leachate for struvite production
E Martín-Hernández, GJ Ruiz-Mercado, M Martín
Journal of environmental management 271, 110967, 2020
Surrogate based optimization of a process of polycrystalline silicon production
C Ramírez-Márquez, E Martín-Hernández, M Martín, ...
Computers & Chemical Engineering 140, 106870, 2020
Process design and scale-up study for the production of polyol-based biopolymers from sawdust
JE Roldán-San Antonio, E Martín-Hernández, R Briones, M Martín
Sustainable Production and Consumption 27, 462-470, 2021
A Logistics Analysis for Advancing Carbon and Nutrient Recovery from Organic Waste
E Martín-Hernández, AM Sampat, M Martin, VM Zavala, GJ Ruiz-Mercado
Advances in Carbon Management Technologies, 186-207, 2021
Modeling and Analysis of Organic Waste Management Systems in Centralized and Decentralized Supply Chains Using Generalized Disjunctive Programming
M Mohammadi, E Martín-Hernández, M Martín, I Harjunkoski
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 60 (4), 1719-1745, 2021
ADAM: A web platform for graph-based modeling and optimization of supply chains
Y Hu, W Zhang, P Tominac, M Shen, D Gorëke, E Martín-Hernández, ...
Computers & chemical engineering 165, 107911, 2022
Modeling and optimization of systems for nutrient recovery from livestock waste
E Martín-Hernández
Optimal Portfolio of Products in a Polycrystalline Silicon Refinery
C Ramírez-Márquez, E Martín-Hernández, M Martín, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 59 (22), 10552-10567, 2020
Optimal Design of a Multi-Product Polycrystalline Silicon Facility
C Ramírez-Márquez, E Martín-Hernández, M Martín, ...
Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 48, 769-774, 2020
Acoustic reporting for dynamic implants
Y Bae, M Moeller, S Cheng, E Van Zuiden, E Hernandez, L Bilger, ...
US Patent App. 17/753,379, 2022
Promoting phosphorus recovery at livestock facilities in the Great Lakes region: Analysis of incentive policies
EM Hernández, Y Hu, VM Zavala, M Martín, GJ Ruiz-Mercado
Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 49, 1855-1860, 2022
Addressing the contribution of agricultural systems to the phosphorus pollution challenge: a multi-dimensional perspective
E Martín-Hernández, M Taifouris, M Martín
Frontiers in Chemical Engineering 4, 66, 2022
Anaerobic digestion and nutrient recovery
E Martín-Hernández, M Martín
Sustainable Design for Renewable Processes, 239-281, 2022
Nutrient Circularity to Abate Nitrogen Pollution: Techno-Economic Assessment of Nitrogen Recovery Systems for Livestock Facilities
EM Hernandez, G Ruiz-Mercado, M Martin
2021 AIChE Annual Meeting, 2021
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