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Next generation sequencing for detection and discovery of plant viruses and viroids: Comparison of two approaches
A Pecman, D Kutnjak, I Gutiérrez-Aguirre, I Adams, A Fox, N Boonham, ...
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In-depth study of tomato and weed viromes reveals undiscovered plant virus diversity in an agroecosystem
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Systematic comparison of nanopore and Illumina sequencing for the detection of plant viruses and viroids using total RNA sequencing approach
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First Report of Cucurbit Aphid-Borne Yellows Virus in Cucurbita pepo and Cucurbita maxima in Slovenia
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Spider webs as eDNA samplers: Biodiversity assessment across the tree of life
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YZA Gaafar, M Westenberg, M Botermans, K László, K De Jonghe, ...
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High-throughput sequencing facilitates characterization of a “forgotten” plant virus: The case of a Henbane mosaic virus infecting tomato
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First report of Tomato brown rugose fruit virus in tomato in Slovenia
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First report of Ranunculus White Mottle Ophiovirus in Slovenia in pepper with yellow leaf curling symptom and in tomato
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Spider webs as eDNA tool for biodiversity assessment of life’s domains
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Phytopathology®, PHYTO-12-22-0465-V, 2023
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Viruses infecting cucurbits in Slovenia.
N Mehle, L Gregur, MT Žnidaršič, A Pecman, D Kutnjak, MV Marn, ...
Zbornik predavanj in referatov, 13. Slovenskega posvetovanja o varstvu …, 2017
High throughput sequencing for plant viruses/viroids detection: Comparison of two platforms MinION (Oxford Nanopore Technologies) and MiSeq (Illumina)
A Pecman, I Adams, IG Aguirre, A Fox, N Boonham, M Ravnikar, ...
PHYTOPATHOLOGY 112 (11), 188-189, 2022
Characterization of Plant Viromes Using Different Viral Nucleic Acids Enrichment Strategies and High-throughput Sequencing Platforms: Doctoral Dissertation
A Pecman
A. Pecman, 2022
Phytoviromics and datamining added insights on the recent intercontinental detection of an iflavirus and kitavirus in tomato
MPS Rivarez, D Kutnjak, A Vucurovic, O Ferreira, M Carvalho, K Bacnik, ...
PHYTOPATHOLOGY 111 (10), 60-61, 2021
In-depth virome study linking tomato, associated weed plants, and irrigation water sources in Slovenia reveals many new and known plant viruses
D Kutnjak, MPS Rivarez, O Ferreira, M Carvalho, K Bacnik, Z Kogej, ...
PHYTOPATHOLOGY 111 (10), 87-87, 2021
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