Jan-Etienne Pudell
Jan-Etienne Pudell
European XFEL
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Layer specific observation of slow thermal equilibration in ultrathin metallic nanostructures by femtosecond X-ray diffraction
J Pudell, AA Maznev, M Herzog, M Kronseder, CH Back, G Malinowski, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 3335, 2018
Second harmonic generation of nanoscale phonon wave packets
A Bojahr, M Gohlke, W Leitenberger, J Pudell, M Reinhardt, ...
Physical review letters 115 (19), 195502, 2015
Persistent nonequilibrium dynamics of the thermal energies in the spin and phonon systems of an antiferromagnet
A von Reppert, J Pudell, A Koc, M Reinhardt, W Leitenberger, K Dumesnil, ...
Structural Dynamics 3 (5), 054302, 2016
Watching the vibration and cooling of ultrathin gold nanotriangles by ultrafast x-ray diffraction
A Von Reppert, RM Sarhan, F Stete, J Pudell, N Del Fatti, A Crut, J Koetz, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (50), 28894-28899, 2016
Ultrafast laser generated strain in granular and continuous FePt thin films
A von Reppert, L Willig, JE Pudell, M Rössle, W Leitenberger, M Herzog, ...
Applied Physics Letters 113 (12), 123101, 2018
Spatiotemporal coherent control of thermal excitations in solids
M Sander, M Herzog, JE Pudell, M Bargheer, N Weinkauf, M Pedersen, ...
Physical Review Letters 119 (7), 075901, 2017
Spin stress contribution to the lattice dynamics of FePt
A von Reppert, L Willig, JE Pudell, SP Zeuschner, G Sellge, F Ganss, ...
Science advances 6 (28), eaba1142, 2020
Heat Transport without Heating?—An Ultrafast X‐Ray Perspective into a Metal Heterostructure
JE Pudell, M Mattern, M Hehn, G Malinowski, M Herzog, M Bargheer
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (46), 2004555, 2020
Scaling Up Nanoplasmon Catalysis: The Role of Heat Dissipation
RM Sarhan, W Koopman, J Pudell, F Stete, M Rössle, M Herzog, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (14), 9352-9357, 2019
Azobenzene–functionalized polyelectrolyte nanolayers as ultrafast optoacoustic transducers
ES Pavlenko, M Sander, S Mitzscherling, J Pudell, F Zamponi, M Rössle, ...
Nanoscale 8 (27), 13297-13302, 2016
Unconventional picosecond strain pulses resulting from the saturation of magnetic stress within a photoexcited rare earth layer
A von Reppert, M Mattern, JE Pudell, SP Zeuschner, K Dumesnil, ...
Structural Dynamics 7 (2), 024303, 2020
Tracking picosecond strain pulses in heterostructures that exhibit giant magnetostriction
SP Zeuschner, T Parpiiev, T Pezeril, A Hillion, K Dumesnil, A Anane, ...
Structural Dynamics 6 (2), 024302, 2019
Ultrafast negative thermal expansion driven by spin disorder
J Pudell, A von Reppert, D Schick, F Zamponi, M Rössle, M Herzog, ...
Physical Review B 99 (9), 094304, 2019
Measurement of transient strain induced by two-photon excitation
SP Zeuschner, JE Pudell, A von Reppert, M Deb, E Popova, N Keller, ...
Physical Review Research 2 (2), 022013, 2020
Characterization of an ultrafast Bragg-Switch for shortening hard x-ray pulses
M Sander, A Koc, CT Kwamen, H Michaels, A v. Reppert, J Pudell, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 120 (19), 193101, 2016
Quantitative disentanglement of coherent and incoherent laser-induced surface deformations by time-resolved x-ray reflectivity
M Sander, JE Pudell, M Herzog, M Bargheer, R Bauer, V Besse, ...
Applied Physics Letters 111 (26), 261903, 2017
Reciprocal space slicing: A time-efficient approach to femtosecond x-ray diffraction
SP Zeuschner, M Mattern, JE Pudell, A von Reppert, M Rössle, ...
Structural Dynamics 8 (1), 014302, 2021
Full spatiotemporal control of laser-excited periodic surface deformations
JE Pudell, M Sander, R Bauer, M Bargheer, M Herzog, P Gaal
Physical Review Applied 12 (2), 024036, 2019
Electronic energy transport in nanoscale Au/Fe hetero-structures in the perspective of ultrafast lattice dynamics
M Mattern, A von Reppert, SP Zeuschner, JE Pudell, F Kühne, D Diesing, ...
Applied Physics Letters 120 (9), 092401, 2022
A new concept for temporal gating of synchrotron X-ray pulses
D Schmidt, R Bauer, S Chung, D Novikov, M Sander, JE Pudell, M Herzog, ...
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 28 (2), 375-382, 2021
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