Gianna Valentino
Gianna Valentino
Assistant Professor, University of Maryland
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Nanotwinned metal MEMS films with unprecedented strength and stability
GD Sim, JA Krogstad, KM Reddy, KY Xie, GM Valentino, TP Weihs, ...
Science advances 3 (6), e1700685, 2017
Tailoring the mechanical properties of sputter deposited nanotwinned nickel-molybdenum-tungsten films
GD Sim, JA Krogstad, KY Xie, S Dasgupta, GM Valentino, TP Weihs, ...
Acta Materialia 144, 216-225, 2018
Ferrofluid-based reconfigurable optofluidic switches for integrated sensing and digital data storage
Y Gu, G Valentino, E Mongeau
Applied Optics 53 (4), 537-543, 2014
Spall strength in alloyed magnesium: A compendium of research efforts from the CMEDE 10-year effort
DD Mallick, SE Prameela, D Ozturk, CL Williams, M Kang, GM Valentino, ...
Mechanics of Materials 162, 104065, 2021
Controlled shape-morphing metallic components for deployable structures
ID McCue, GM Valentino, DB Trigg, AM Lennon, CE Hebert, DP Seker, ...
Materials & Design 208, 109935, 2021
Investigating the compressive strength and strain localization of nanotwinned nickel alloys
GM Valentino, S Xiang, L Ma, KY Xie, MR He, WC Oliver, GM Pharr, ...
Acta Materialia 204, 116507, 2021
Nanotwin formation in Ni–Mo–W alloys deposited by dc magnetron sputtering
GM Valentino, PP Shetty, A Chauhan, JA Krogstad, TP Weihs, KJ Hemker
Scripta Materialia 186, 247-252, 2020
Tailoring the coefficient of thermal expansion of ternary nickel alloys through compositional control and non-contact measurements
GM Valentino, JA Krogstad, TP Weihs, KJ Hemker
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 833, 155024, 2020
Ferrofluid-based optofluidic switch using femtosecond laser-micromachined waveguides
Y Gu, F Bragheri, G Valentino, K Morris, N Bellini, R Osellame
Applied optics 54 (6), 1420-1425, 2015
Fabrication of freestanding metallic Ni-Mo-W microcantilever beams with high dimensional stability
GM Valentino, PP Shetty, JA Krogstad, KJ Hemker
Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems 29 (3), 329-337, 2020
Influence of laser processing parameters on the density-ductility tradeoff in additively manufactured pure tantalum
GM Valentino, A Banerjee, A Lark, CM Barr, SH Myers, ID McCue
Additive Manufacturing Letters 4, 100117, 2023
Property and microstructure of Ni50. 3Ti29. 7Hf20 high-temperature shape memory alloys with different aging conditions
J Dong, A Demblon, T Umale, D Zhao, G Valentino, I Karaman, KY Xie
Acta Materialia 265, 119642, 2024
Method of depositing nanotwinned nickel-molybdenum-tungsten alloys
GD Sim, J Krogstad, TP Weihs, KJ Hemker, G Valentino
US Patent 11,851,320, 2023
Experimental Characterization and Synthesis of Nanotwinned Ni-Mo-W Alloys
GM Valentino
Johns Hopkins University, 2019
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