Grégoire Rey
Grégoire Rey
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Excess mortality related to the August 2003 heat wave in France
A Fouillet, G Rey, F Laurent, G Pavillon, S Bellec, C Guihenneuc-Jouyaux, ...
International archives of occupational and environmental health 80, 16-24, 2006
Has the impact of heat waves on mortality changed in France since the European heat wave of summer 2003? A study of the 2006 heat wave
A Fouillet, G Rey, V Wagner, K Laaidi, P Empereur-Bissonnet, A Le Tertre, ...
International journal of epidemiology 37 (2), 309-317, 2008
Mapping and predicting mortality from systemic sclerosis
M Elhai, C Meune, M Boubaya, J Avouac, E Hachulla, A Balbir-Gurman, ...
Annals of the rheumatic diseases 76 (11), 1897-1905, 2017
Ecological association between a deprivation index and mortality in France over the period 1997–2001: variations with spatial scale, degree of urbanicity, age, gender and cause …
G Rey, E Jougla, A Fouillet, D Hémon
BMC public health 9, 1-12, 2009
Alcohol-attributable cancer deaths and years of potential life lost in the United States
DE Nelson, DW Jarman, J Rehm, TK Greenfield, G Rey, WC Kerr, P Miller, ...
American journal of public health 103 (4), 641-648, 2013
Long-term mortality after recombinant growth hormone treatment for isolated growth hormone deficiency or childhood short stature: preliminary report of the French SAGhE study
JC Carel, E Ecosse, F Landier, D Meguellati-Hakkas, F Kaguelidou, ...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 97 (2), 416-425, 2012
Relative index of inequality and slope index of inequality: a structured regression framework for estimation
M Moreno-Betancur, A Latouche, G Menvielle, AE Kunst, G Rey
Epidemiology 26 (4), 518-527, 2015
Mortality of French participants in the Tour de France (1947–2012)
E Marijon, M Tafflet, J Antero-Jacquemin, N El Helou, G Berthelot, ...
European heart journal 34 (40), 3145-3150, 2013
The impact of major heat waves on all-cause and cause-specific mortality in France from 1971 to 2003
G Rey, E Jougla, A Fouillet, G Pavillon, P Bessemoulin, P Frayssinet, ...
International archives of occupational and environmental health 80, 615-626, 2007
Heat exposure and socio-economic vulnerability as synergistic factors in heat-wave-related mortality
G Rey, A Fouillet, P Bessemoulin, P Frayssinet, A Dufour, E Jougla, ...
European journal of epidemiology 24, 495-502, 2009
Données sur la mortalité en France: principales causes de décès en 2008 et évolutions depuis 2000
A Aouba, M Eb, G Rey, G Pavillon, É Jougla
Transport 1 (V99), Y85, 2011
All-cause and cause-specific mortality of different migrant populations in Europe
UZ Ikram, JP Mackenbach, S Harding, G Rey, RS Bhopal, E Regidor, ...
European Journal of Epidemiology 31, 655-665, 2016
Impact of unemployment variations on suicide mortality in Western European countries (2000–2010)
M Laanani, W Ghosn, E Jougla, G Rey
J Epidemiol Community Health 69 (2), 103-109, 2015
Mortality differences between the foreign-born and locally-born population in France (2004–2007)
R Boulogne, E Jougla, Y Breem, AE Kunst, G Rey
Social science & medicine 74 (8), 1213-1223, 2012
Migrant mortality from diabetes mellitus across Europe: the importance of socio-economic change
H Vandenheede, P Deboosere, I Stirbu, CO Agyemang, S Harding, K Juel, ...
European journal of epidemiology 27, 109-117, 2012
Mortality burden of the 2009 A/H1N1 influenza pandemic in France: comparison to seasonal influenza and the A/H3N2 pandemic
M Lemaitre, F Carrat, G Rey, M Miller, L Simonsen, C Viboud
Public Library of Science 7 (9), e45051, 2012
CLEF eHealth 2017 Multilingual Information Extraction task Overview: ICD10 Coding of Death Certificates in English and French.
A Névéol, A Robert, R Anderson, KB Cohen, C Grouin, T Lavergne, G Rey, ...
CLEF (Working Notes), 1-17, 2017
Clinical information extraction at the CLEF eHealth evaluation lab 2016
A Névéol, KB Cohen, C Grouin, T Hamon, T Lavergne, L Kelly, L Goeuriot, ...
CEUR workshop proceedings 1609, 28, 2016
Mortality from circulatory diseases by specific country of birth across six European countries: test of concept
RS Bhopal, SB Rafnsson, C Agyemang, A Fagot-Campagna, S Giampaoli, ...
The European Journal of Public Health 22 (3), 353-359, 2012
CLEF eHealth 2018 Multilingual Information Extraction Task Overview: ICD10 Coding of Death Certificates in French, Hungarian and Italian.
A Névéol, A Robert, F Grippo, C Morgand, C Orsi, L Pelikan, L Ramadier, ...
CLEF (Working Notes), 1-18, 2018
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