Brent Vernon
Brent Vernon
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Arizona State University
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Islet encapsulation: strategies to enhance islet cell functions
J Beck, R Angus, B Madsen, D Britt, B Vernon, KT Nguyen
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Thermoreversible copolymer gels for extracellular matrix4
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Corticosterone modulation of reproductive and immune systems trade-offs in female tree lizards: long-term corticosterone manipulations viainjectable gelling material
SS French, R McLemore, B Vernon, GIH Johnston, MC Moore
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3D printing‐enabled nanoparticle alignment: a review of mechanisms and applications
W Xu, S Jambhulkar, D Ravichandran, Y Zhu, M Kakarla, Q Nian, ...
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Local gentamicin delivery from resorbable viscous hydrogels is therapeutically effective
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Thermally reversible polymer gels for biohybrid artificial pancreas
B Vernon, A Gutowska, S Wan Kim, Y Han Bae
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Hand-mixed and premixed antibiotic-loaded bone cement have similar homogeneity
AC McLaren, M Nugent, K Economopoulos, H Kaul, BL Vernon, ...
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JA Hubbell, D Elbert, M Lütolf, A Pratt, R Schoenmakers, N Tirelli, ...
US Patent 7,744,912, 2010
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