Johannes Strauss
Johannes Strauss
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Genomics, Transcriptomics, and Peptidomics of Daphnia pulex Neuropeptides and Protein Hormones
H Dircksen, S Neupert, R Predel, P Verleyen, J Huybrechts, J Strauss, ...
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Circadian clocks in crustaceans: identified neuronal and cellular systems
J Strauss, H Dircksen
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R Lakes-Harlan, J Strauß
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Selective forces on origin, adaptation and reduction of tympanal ears in insects
J Strauß, A Stumpner
Journal of Comparative Physiology A 201, 155-169, 2015
Evolutionary and phylogenetic origins of tympanal hearing organs in insects
J Strauß, R Lakes-Harlan
Insect hearing and acoustic communication, 5-26, 2013
Listening when there is no sexual signalling? Maintenance of hearing in the asexual bushcricket Poecilimon intermedius
GUC Lehmann, J Strauß, R Lakes-Harlan
Journal of Comparative Physiology A 193, 537-545, 2007
Neuroanatomy and physiology of the complex tibial organ of an atympanate Ensiferan, Ametrus tibialis (Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1888)(Gryllacrididae, Orthoptera) and evolutionary …
J Strauss, R Lakes-Harlan
Brain, Behavior and Evolution 71 (3), 167-180, 2008
The evolutionary origin of auditory receptors in Tettigonioidea: the complex tibial organ of Schizodactylidae
J Strauß, R Lakes-Harlan
Naturwissenschaften 96, 143-146, 2009
Sensory neuroanatomy of stick insects highlights the evolutionary diversity of the orthopteroid subgenual organ complex
J Strauß, R Lakes‐Harlan
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Sensory evolution of hearing in tettigoniids with differing communication systems
J Strauß, AW Lehmann, GUC Lehmann
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Communication by substrate-borne mechanical waves in insects: From basic to applied biotremology
J Strauß, N Stritih-Peljhan, R Nieri, M Virant-Doberlet, V Mazzoni
Advances in insect physiology 61, 189-307, 2021
The subgenual organ complex in the cave cricket Troglophilus neglectus (Orthoptera: Rhaphidophoridae): comparative innervation and sensory evolution
J Strauß, N Stritih, R Lakes-Harlan
Royal Society Open Science 1 (2), 140240, 2014
Neuroanatomy of the complex tibial organ of Stenopelmatus (Orthoptera: Ensifera: Stenopelmatidae)
J Strauß, R Lakes‐Harlan
Journal of Comparative Neurology 511 (1), 81-91, 2008
Spatial organization of tettigoniid auditory receptors: insights from neuronal tracing
J Strauß, GUC Lehmann, AW Lehmann, R Lakes‐Harlan
Journal of Morphology 273 (11), 1280-1290, 2012
Pigment-dispersing hormone in Daphnia interneurons, one type homologous to insect clock neurons displaying circadian rhythmicity
J Strauß, Q Zhang, P Verleyen, J Huybrechts, S Neupert, R Predel, ...
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 68, 3403-3423, 2011
The complex tibial organ of the New Zealand ground weta: sensory adaptations for vibrational signal detection
J Strauß, K Lomas, LH Field
Scientific Reports 7, 2031, 2017
Neuroanatomy of the complex tibial organ in the splay‐footed cricket Comicus calcaris Irish 1986 (Orthoptera: Ensifera: Schizodactylidae)
J Strauß, R Lakes‐Harlan
Journal of Comparative Neurology 518 (22), 4567-4580, 2010
The mechanical leg response to vibration stimuli in cave crickets and implications for vibrosensory organ functions
N Stritih Peljhan, J Strauß
Journal of Comparative Physiology A 204 (7), 687-702, 2018
The scolopidial accessory organs and Nebenorgans in orthopteroid insects: Comparative neuroanatomy, mechanosensory function, and evolutionary origin
J Strauß
Arthropod Structure & Development 46 (6), 765-776, 2017
The auditory system of non-calling grasshoppers (Melanoplinae: Podismini) and the evolutionary regression of their tympanal ears
GUC Lehmann, S Berger, J Strauß, AW Lehmann, HJ Pflüger
Journal of Comparative Physiology A 196, 807-816, 2010
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