Valentina Piantadosi
Valentina Piantadosi
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Why Developers Refactor Source Code: A Mining-based Study
J Pantiuchina, F Zampetti, S Scalabrino, V Piantadosi, R Oliveto, G Bavota, ...
ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM) 29 (4), 1-30, 2020
Fixing of security vulnerabilities in open source projects: A case study of apache http server and apache tomcat
V Piantadosi, S Scalabrino, R Oliveto
2019 12th IEEE Conference on software testing, validation and verification …, 2019
How does code readability change during software evolution?
V Piantadosi, F Fierro, S Scalabrino, A Serebrenik, R Oliveto
Empirical Software Engineering 25, 5374-5412, 2020
API compatibility issues in Android: Causes and effectiveness of data-driven detection techniques
S Scalabrino, G Bavota, M Linares-Vásquez, V Piantadosi, M Lanza, ...
Empirical Software Engineering 25 (6), 5006-5046, 2020
Detecting functional and security‐related issues in smart contracts: A systematic literature review
V Piantadosi, G Rosa, D Placella, S Scalabrino, R Oliveto
Software: Practice and Experience 53 (2), 465-495, 2023
Do attention and memory explain the performance of software developers?
V Piantadosi, S Scalabrino, A Serebrenik, N Novielli, R Oliveto
Empirical Software Engineering, 2023
Integrating iota’s tangle with the internet of things for sustainable agriculture: A proof-of-concept study on rice cultivation
S Pullo, R Pareschi, V Piantadosi, F Salzano, R Carlini
Informatics 11 (1), 3, 2023
On the evolution of code readability
V Piantadosi
2022 IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution …, 2022
Using Deep Learning to Automatically Improve Code Readability
A Vitale, V Piantadosi, S Scalabrino, R Oliveto
2023 38th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software …, 2023
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