Nigel Goldenfeld
Nigel Goldenfeld
Chancellor's Distinguished Professor of Physics, University of California San Diego
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Lectures on phase transitions and the renormalization group
N Goldenfeld
CRC Press, 2018
Simple lessons from complexity
N Goldenfeld, LP Kadanoff
science 284 (5411), 87-89, 1999
Effect of strong scattering on the low-temperature penetration depth of a d-wave superconductor
PJ Hirschfeld, N Goldenfeld
Physical Review B 48 (6), 4219, 1993
Renormalization group and singular perturbations: Multiple scales, boundary layers, and reductive perturbation theory
LY Chen, N Goldenfeld, Y Oono
Physical Review E 54 (1), 376, 1996
Predicting autism spectrum quotient (AQ) from the systemizing quotient-revised (SQ-R) and empathy quotient (EQ)
S Wheelwright, S Baron-Cohen, N Goldenfeld, J Delaney, D Fine, R Smith, ...
Brain research 1079 (1), 47-56, 2006
Development of short forms of the Empathy Quotient (EQ-Short) and the Systemizing Quotient (SQ-Short)
A Wakabayashi, S Baron-Cohen, S Wheelwright, N Goldenfeld, J Delaney, ...
Personality and individual differences 41 (5), 929-940, 2006
Experimental demonstration of the role of anisotropy in interfacial pattern formation
E Ben-Jacob, R Godbey, ND Goldenfeld, J Koplik, H Levine, T Mueller, ...
Physical review letters 55 (12), 1315, 1985
Phase field model for three-dimensional dendritic growth with fluid flow
JH Jeong, N Goldenfeld, JA Dantzig
Physical Review E 64 (4), 041602, 2001
Collective evolution and the genetic code
K Vetsigian, C Woese, N Goldenfeld
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (28), 10696-10701, 2006
Biology's next revolution
N Goldenfeld, C Woese
Nature 445 (7126), 369-369, 2007
Efficient computation of dendritic microstructures using adaptive mesh refinement
N Provatas, N Goldenfeld, J Dantzig
Physical Review Letters 80 (15), 3308, 1998
Diet and exercise orthogonally alter the gut microbiome and reveal independent associations with anxiety and cognition
SS Kang, PR Jeraldo, A Kurti, MEB Miller, MD Cook, K Whitlock, ...
Molecular neurodegeneration 9, 1-12, 2014
Interpretation of the temperature dependence of the electromagnetic penetration depth in YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7− δ
J Annett, N Goldenfeld, SR Renn
Physical Review B 43 (4), 2778, 1991
The microbiome of the chicken gastrointestinal tract
CJ Yeoman, N Chia, P Jeraldo, M Sipos, ND Goldenfeld, BA White
Animal health research reviews 13 (1), 89-99, 2012
Adaptive mesh refinement computation of solidification microstructures using dynamic data structures
N Provatas, N Goldenfeld, J Dantzig
Journal of computational physics 148 (1), 265-290, 1999
Specific heat of single crystals of : Fluctuation effects in a bulk superconductor
SE Inderhees, MB Salamon, N Goldenfeld, JP Rice, BG Pazol, ...
Physical review letters 60 (12), 1178, 1988
Life is physics: evolution as a collective phenomenon far from equilibrium
N Goldenfeld, C Woese
Annu. Rev. Condens. Matter Phys. 2 (1), 375-399, 2011
Renormalization group theory for global asymptotic analysis
LY Chen, N Goldenfeld, Y Oono
Physical review letters 73 (10), 1311, 1994
Formation of a dense branching morphology in interfacial growth
E Ben-Jacob, G Deutscher, P Garik, ND Goldenfeld, Y Lareah
Physical review letters 57 (15), 1903, 1986
Penetration Depth Measurements of 3D Critical Behavior in Crystals
S Kamal, DA Bonn, N Goldenfeld, PJ Hirschfeld, R Liang, WN Hardy
Physical review letters 73 (13), 1845, 1994
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