Selestina Gorgieva
Selestina Gorgieva
Scientific Associate, Institute of Engineering Materials and Design, University of Maribor
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Collagen-vs. gelatine-based biomaterials and their biocompatibility: review and perspectives
S Gorgieva, V Kokol
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Bacterial cellulose: Production, modification and perspectives in biomedical applications
S Gorgieva, J Trček
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Laccase-mediated functionalization of chitosan by caffeic and gallic acids for modulating antioxidant and antimicrobial properties
M Božič, S Gorgieva, V Kokol
Carbohydrate Polymers 87 (4), 2388-2398, 2012
Homogeneous and heterogeneous methods for laccase-mediated functionalization of chitosan by tannic acid and quercetin
M Božič, S Gorgieva, V Kokol
Carbohydrate polymers 89 (3), 854-864, 2012
Synthesis and application of new temperature-responsive hydrogels based on carboxymethyl and hydroxyethyl cellulose derivatives for the functional finishing of cotton knitwear
S Gorgieva, V Kokol
Carbohydrate polymers 85 (3), 664-673, 2011
Alkaline membrane fuel cells: anion exchange membranes and fuels
M Hren, M Božič, D Fakin, KS Kleinschek, S Gorgieva
Sustainable Energy & Fuels 5 (3), 604-637, 2021
Preparation, characterization, and in vitro enzymatic degradation of chitosan‐gelatine hydrogel scaffolds as potential biomaterials
S Gorgieva, V Kokol
Journal of biomedical materials research Part A 100 (7), 1655-1667, 2012
Biomaterials applications for nanomedicine
S Gorgieva, V Kokol
InTech: London, UK, 17-52, 2011
Mechanically strong, flexible and thermally stable graphene oxide/nanocellulosic films with enhanced dielectric properties
Y Beeran, V Bobnar, S Gorgieva, Y Grohens, M Finšgar, S Thomas, ...
Rsc Advances 6 (54), 49138-49149, 2016
Mineralization potential of cellulose-nanofibrils reinforced gelatine scaffolds for promoted calcium deposition by mesenchymal stem cells
S Gorgieva, L Girandon, V Kokol
Materials Science and Engineering: C 73, 478-489, 2017
Bacterial cellulose as a versatile platform for research and development of biomedical materials
S Gorgieva
Processes 8 (5), 624, 2020
Enzymatic hydrolysis of different allomorphic forms of microcrystalline cellulose
D Ciolacu, S Gorgieva, D Tampu, V Kokol
Cellulose 18, 1527-1541, 2011
Chitosan hydrogels enriched with polyphenols: Antibacterial activity, cell adhesion and growth and mineralization
J Lišková, TEL Douglas, J Beranová, A Skwarczyńska, M Božič, SK Samal, ...
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The chitosan coating and processing effect on the physiological corrosion behaviour of porous magnesium monoliths
HR Tiyyagura, R Rudolf, S Gorgieva, R Fuchs-Godec, VR Boyapati, ...
Progress in Organic Coatings 99, 147-156, 2016
The effect of membrane structure prepared from carboxymethyl cellulose and cellulose nanofibrils for cationic dye removal
S Gorgieva, R Vogrinčič, V Kokol
Journal of Polymers and the Environment 27, 318-332, 2019
Processing of gelatin‐based cryogels with improved thermomechanical resistance, pore size gradient, and high potential for sustainable protein drug release
S Gorgieva, V Kokol
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 103 (3), 1119-1130, 2015
Microstructured and degradable bacterial cellulose–gelatin composite membranes: mineralization aspects and biomedical relevance
S Gorgieva, S Hribernik
Nanomaterials 9 (2), 303, 2019
Efficiency of differently processed membranes based on cellulose as cationic dye adsorbents
L Maleš, D Fakin, M Bračič, S Gorgieva
Nanomaterials 10 (4), 642, 2020
Rapid water softening with TEMPO-oxidized/phosphorylated nanopapers
A Mautner, T Kobkeatthawin, F Mayer, C Plessl, S Gorgieva, V Kokol, ...
Nanomaterials 9 (2), 136, 2019
Autofluorescence-aided assessment of integration and μ-structuring in chitosan/gelatin bilayer membranes with rapidly mineralized interface in relevance to guided tissue …
S Gorgieva, T Vuherer, V Kokol
Materials Science and Engineering: C 93, 226-241, 2018
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