Andrej (Andy) Brodnik
Andrej (Andy) Brodnik
University of Ljubljana, University of Primorska
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Small forwarding tables for fast routing lookups
M Degermark, A Brodnik, S Carlsson, S Pink
ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review 27 (4), 3-14, 1997
Membership in constant time and almost-minimum space
A Brodnik, JI Munro
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Planning smooth and obstacle-avoiding B-spline paths for autonomous mining vehicles
T Berglund, A Brodnik, H Jonsson, M Staffanson, I Soderkvist
IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering 7 (1), 167-172, 2009
Fast routing lookup system using complete prefix tree, bit vector, and pointers in a routing table for determining where to route IP datagrams
A Brodnik, M Degermark, S Carlsson, S Pink
US Patent 6,266,706, 2001
A tool for measurement of innovation newness and adoption in tourism firms
D Krizaj, A Brodnik, B Bukovec
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Resizable arrays in optimal time and space
A Brodnik, S Carlsson, ED Demaine, JII Munro, R Sedgewick
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Feasibility of an eHealth service to support collaborative depression care: results of a pilot study
M Meglic, M Furlan, M Kuzmanic, D Kozel, D Baraga, I Kuhar, B Kosir, ...
Journal of Medical Internet Research 12 (5), e63, 2010
Online routing in convex subdivisions
P Bose, A Brodnik, S Carlsson, ED Demaine, R Fleischer, A López-Ortiz, ...
International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation, 47-59, 2000
Online routing in convex subdivisions
P Bose, A Brodnik, S Carlsson, ED Demaine, R Fleischer, A López-Ortiz, ...
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Firewall apparatus and method of controlling network data packet traffic between internal and external networks
O Johansson, S Carlsson, J Lindholm, M Sundstrom, A Brodnik
US Patent App. 09/904,837, 2002
Trans-dichotomous algorithms without multiplication—some upper and lower bounds
A Brodnik, PB Miltersen, JI Munro
Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures, 426-439, 1997
Computation of the least significant set bit
A Brodnik
Proceedings of the 2nd Electrotechnical and Computer Science Conference …, 1993
Membership in constant time and minimum space
A Brodnik, JI Munro
European Symposium on Algorithms, 72-81, 1994
Worst case constant time priority queue
A Brodnik, S Carlsson, J Karlsson, JI Munro
Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms: 07/01/2001-09/01/2001, 523-528, 2001
Static data structure for discrete advance bandwidth reservations on the internet
A Brodnik, A Nilsson
arXiv preprint cs/0308041, 2003
Searching in constant time and minimum space
A Brodnick
University of Waterloo, 1995
E-healthcare for diabetes mellitus type 2 patients–a randomised controlled trial in Slovenia
R Iljaž, A Brodnik, T Zrimec, I Cukjati
Slovenian Journal of Public Health 56 (3), 150, 2017
Hard and soft security provisioning for computationally weak pervasive computing systems in e-health
D Trcek, A Brodnik
IEEE wireless communications 20 (4), 22-29, 2013
An integrated framework for bus logistics management: Case studies
J Békési, A Brodnik, M Krész, D Pash
Logistik Management, 389-411, 2009
Interoperability and mHealth–precondition for successful eCare
M Beštek, A Brodnik
Mobile health, 345-374, 2015
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