Darrell Kemp
Darrell Kemp
ARC Future Fellow & Associate Professor in Biology, Macquarie University
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Can older males deliver the good genes?
R Brooks, DJ Kemp
Trends in ecology & evolution 16 (6), 308-313, 2001
An integrative framework for the appraisal of coloration in nature
DJ Kemp, ME Herberstein, LJ Fleishman, JA Endler, ATD Bennett, ...
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Fighting without weaponry: a review of male-male contest competition in butterflies
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Condition dependence, quantitative genetics, and the potential signal content of iridescent ultraviolet butterfly coloration
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Female butterflies prefer males bearing bright iridescent ornamentation
DJ Kemp
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Residency effects in animal contests
DJ Kemp, C Wiklund
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences …, 2004
Female mating biases for bright ultraviolet iridescence in the butterfly Eurema hecabe (Pieridae)
DJ Kemp
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Gaping displays reveal and amplify a mechanically based index of weapon performance
AK Lappin, Y Brandt, JF Husak, JM Macedonia, DJ Kemp
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Information in the biosphere: Biological and digital worlds
MR Gillings, M Hilbert, DJ Kemp
Trends in ecology & evolution 31 (3), 180-189, 2016
Multimodal signalling: structural ultraviolet reflectance predicts male mating success better than pheromones in the butterfly Colias eurytheme L.(Pieridae)
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Contest behavior in territorial male butterflies: does size matter?
DJ Kemp
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Stress-mediated covariance between nano-structural architecture and ultraviolet butterfly coloration
DJ Kemp, P Vukusic, RL Rutowski
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Female mate choice determines reproductive isolation between sympatric butterflies
M Friberg, N Vongvanich, AK Borg-Karlson, DJ Kemp, S Merilaita, ...
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Predicting the direction of ornament evolution in Trinidadian guppies (Poecilia reticulata)
DJ Kemp, DN Reznick, GF Grether, JA Endler
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Conspicuousness of Dickerson's collared lizard (Crotaphytus dickersonae) through the eyes of conspecifics and predators
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Lifetime resource utilization, flight physiology, and the evolution of contest competition in territorial insects
DJ Kemp, J Alcock
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Signal design and courtship presentation coincide for highly biased delivery of an iridescent butterfly mating signal
TE White, J Zeil, DJ Kemp
Evolution 69 (1), 14-25, 2015
Iridescent ultraviolet signal in the orange sulphur butterfly (Colias eurytheme): spatial, temporal and spectral properties
RL Rutowski, JM Macedonia, JW Merry, NI Morehouse, K Yturralde, ...
Biological journal of the Linnean Society 90 (2), 349-364, 2007
Heightened phenotypic variation and age-based fading of ultraviolet butterfly wing coloration
DJ Kemp
Evolutionary Ecology Research 8 (3), 515-527, 2006
Resource-mediated condition dependence in sexually dichromatic butterfly wing coloration
DJ Kemp
Evolution 62 (9), 2346-2358, 2008
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