Adam C. Champion
Adam C. Champion
Senior Lecturer, The Ohio State University
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E-smalltalker: A distributed mobile system for social networking in physical proximity
Z Yang, B Zhang, J Dai, AC Champion, D Xuan, D Li
2010 IEEE 30th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems …, 2010
Detecting worms via mining dynamic program execution
X Wang, W Yu, A Champion, X Fu, D Xuan
2007 Third International Conference on Security and Privacy in …, 2007
DiffUser: Differentiated user access control on smartphones
X Ni, Z Yang, X Bai, AC Champion, D Xuan
2009 IEEE 6th International Conference on Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Systems …, 2009
Crowd-ML: A privacy-preserving learning framework for a crowd of smart devices
J Hamm, AC Champion, G Chen, M Belkin, D Xuan
2015 IEEE 35th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 11-20, 2015
Local face-view barrier coverage in camera sensor networks
Z Yu, F Yang, J Teng, AC Champion, D Xuan
2015 IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), 684-692, 2015
E-SmallTalker: A distributed mobile system for social networking in physical proximity
AC Champion, Z Yang, B Zhang, J Dai, D Xuan, D Li
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 24 (8), 1535-1545, 2012
Reliability evaluation for clustered WSNs under malware propagation
S Shen, L Huang, J Liu, AC Champion, S Yu, Q Cao
Sensors 16 (6), 855, 2016
Malicious shellcode detection with virtual memory snapshots
B Gu, X Bai, Z Yang, AC Champion, D Xuan
2010 Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM, 1-9, 2010
Survsurf: human retrieval on large surveillance video data
S Ding, G Li, Y Li, X Li, Q Zhai, AC Champion, J Zhu, D Xuan, YF Zheng
Multimedia Tools and Applications 76, 6521-6549, 2017
On human mobility predictability via WLAN logs
PY Cao, G Li, AC Champion, D Xuan, S Romig, W Zhao
IEEE INFOCOM 2017-IEEE Conference on Computer Communications, 1-9, 2017
D2taint: Differentiated and dynamic information flow tracking on smartphones for numerous data sources
B Gu, X Li, G Li, AC Champion, Z Chen, F Qin, D Xuan
2013 Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM, 791-799, 2013
Link-layer protection in 802.11 i WLANS with dummy authentication
Z Yang, AC Champion, B Gu, X Bai, D Xuan
Proceedings of the second ACM conference on Wireless network security, 131-138, 2009
Three-dimensional robot localization using cameras in wireless multimedia sensor networks
S Feng, S Shen, L Huang, AC Champion, S Yu, C Wu, Y Zhang
Journal of Network and Computer Applications 146, 102425, 2019
On detecting active worms with varying scan rate
W Yu, X Wang, A Champion, D Xuan, D Lee
Computer Communications 34 (11), 1269-1282, 2011
Acoustic-turf: Acoustic-based privacy-preserving COVID-19 contact tracing
Y Luo, C Zhang, Y Zhang, C Zuo, D Xuan, Z Lin, AC Champion, N Shroff
arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.13362, 2020
Flash-Loc: Flashing mobile phones for accurate indoor localization
F Yang, Q Zhai, G Chen, AC Champion, J Zhu, D Xuan
IEEE INFOCOM 2016-The 35th Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer …, 2016
Jsguard: shellcode detection in JavaScript
B Gu, W Zhang, X Bai, AC Champion, F Qin, D Xuan
Security and Privacy in Communication Networks: 8th International ICST …, 2013
Turfcast: A service for controlling information dissemination in wireless networks
X Li, J Teng, B Zhang, AC Champion, D Xuan
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 13 (2), 250-262, 2012
EV-sounding: A visual assisted electronic channel sounding system
G Li, J Teng, F Yang, AC Champion, D Xuan, H Luan, YF Zheng
IEEE INFOCOM 2014-IEEE Conference on Computer Communications, 1483-1491, 2014
An efficient hybrid localization scheme for heterogeneous wireless networks
Z Yuan, W Li, AC Champion, W Zhao
2012 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), 372-378, 2012
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