Ignasi Vilajosana
Ignasi Vilajosana
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The power of models: Modeling power consumption for IoT devices
B Martinez, M Monton, I Vilajosana, JD Prades
IEEE Sensors Journal 15 (10), 5777-5789, 2015
Bootstrapping smart cities through a self-sustainable model based on big data flows
I Vilajosana, J Llosa, B Martinez, M Domingo-Prieto, A Angles, ...
IEEE Communications magazine 51 (6), 128-134, 2013
Seismic detection and characterization of landslides and other mass movements
E Suriñach, I Vilajosana, G Khazaradze, B Biescas, G Furdada, ...
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 5 (6), 791-798, 2005
Rockfall induced seismic signals: case study in Montserrat, Catalonia
I Vilajosana, E Suriñach, A Abellán, G Khazaradze, D Garcia, J Llosa
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 8 (4), 805-812, 2008
Smart cities: An action plan
M Dohler, I Vilajosana, X Vilajosana, J Llosa
Proc. Barcelona Smart Cities Congress, Barcelona, Spain, 1-6, 2011
On the performance of lossy compression schemes for energy constrained sensor networking
D Zordan, B Martinez, I Vilajosana, M Rossi
ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (TOSN) 11 (1), 1-34, 2014
Infrasound produced by debris flow: propagation and frequency content evolution
A Kogelnig, J Hübl, E Suriñach, I Vilajosana, BW McArdell
Natural hazards 70, 1713-1733, 2014
Results and experiences gathered at the Rebaixader debris-flow monitoring site, Central Pyrenees, Spain
M Hürlimann, C Abancó, J Moya, I Vilajosana
Landslides 11, 939-953, 2014
On the complementariness of infrasound and seismic sensors for monitoring snow avalanches
A Kogelnig, E Suriñach, I Vilajosana, J Hübl, B Sovilla, M Hiller, F Dufour
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 11 (8), 2355-2370, 2011
GPS studies of active deformation in the Pyrenees
E Asensio, G Khazaradze, A Echeverria, RW King, I Vilajosana
Geophysical Journal International 190 (2), 913-921, 2012
Snow avalanche speed determination using seismic methods
I Vilajosana, G Khazaradze, E Surinach, E Lied, K Kristensen
Cold regions science and technology 49 (1), 2-10, 2007
GIS-based debris flow source and runout susceptibility assessment from DEM data–a case study in NW Nicaragua
M Guinau, I Vilajosana, JM Vilaplana
Natural hazards and earth system sciences 7 (6), 703-716, 2007
REMOTE, a wireless sensor network based system to monitor rowing performance
J Llosa, I Vilajosana, X Vilajosana, N Navarro, E Surinach, JM Marques
Sensors 9 (9), 7069-7082, 2009
Snow avalanche energy estimation from seismic signal analysis
I Vilajosana, E Surinach, G Khazaradze, P Gauer
Cold Regions Science and Technology 50 (1-3), 72-85, 2007
When scavengers meet industrial wireless
B Martinez, X Vilajosana, F Chraim, I Vilajosana, KSJ Pister
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 62 (5), 2994-3003, 2014
Avalanche test sites and research equipment in Europe: an updated overview
M Barbolini, D Issler, T Jóhannesson, K Hákonardóttir, K Lied, P Gauer, ...
Final-Report Deliverable D 8, 2006
To compress or not to compress: Processing vs transmission tradeoffs for energy constrained sensor networking
D Zordan, B Martinez, I Vilajosana, M Rossi
arXiv preprint arXiv:1206.2129, 2012
A study of infrasonic signals of debris flow
A Kogelnig, J Hübl, E Suriñach, I Vilajosana, S Zhang, N Yun, B McArdell
Proceedings of 5th international conference on debris-flow hazards …, 2011
Early scavenger dimensioning in wireless industrial monitoring applications
B Martinez, M Monton, I Vilajosana, X Vilajosana
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 3 (2), 170-178, 2015
Lean sensing: Exploiting contextual information for most energy-efficient sensing
B Martinez, X Vilajosana, I Vilajosana, M Dohler
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 11 (5), 1156-1165, 2015
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