Michał Pieniak
Michał Pieniak
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Predicting fear and perceived health during the COVID-19 pandemic using machine learning: A cross-national longitudinal study
SJ Eder, D Steyrl, MM Stefanczyk, M Pieniak, J Martínez Molina, O Pešout, ...
Plos one 16 (3), e0247997, 2021
Olfactory training–Thirteen years of research reviewed
M Pieniak, A Oleszkiewicz, V Avaro, F Calegari, T Hummel
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 141, 104853, 2022
Securing your relationship: Quality of intimate relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic can be predicted by attachment style
SJ Eder, AA Nicholson, MM Stefanczyk, M Pieniak, J Martínez-Molina, ...
Frontiers in psychology 12, 647956, 2021
Olfactory training with Aromastics: olfactory and cognitive effects
A Oleszkiewicz, L Bottesi, M Pieniak, S Fujita, N Krasteva, G Nelles, ...
European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, 1-8, 2022
The contribution of texture contrasts and combinations to food acceptance across cultures
R Pellegrino, BK Cheon, CG Forde, A Oleszkiewicz, M Pieniak, ...
Journal of texture studies 51 (2), 225-231, 2020
Olfactory training in 8-year-olds increases odour identification ability: a preliminary study
MK Mahmut, M Pieniak, K Resler, VA Schriever, A Haehner, ...
European Journal of Pediatrics 180, 2049-2053, 2021
Sensory compensation beliefs among blind and sighted individuals
M Pieniak, K Lachowicz‐Tabaczek, M Karwowski, A Oleszkiewicz
Scandinavian journal of psychology 63 (1), 72-82, 2022
Self‐rated sensory performance in profoundly deaf individuals. Do deaf people share the conviction about sensory compensation?
M Pieniak, K Lachowicz‐Tabaczek, M Masalski, T Hummel, ...
Journal of Sensory Studies 35 (4), e12572, 2020
q-Powders: a quick test for screening retronasal olfactory disorders with tasteless powders
M Pieniak, A Oleszkiewicz, M Klockow, A Yoshino, A Haehner, T Hummel
European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 279 (2), 779-784, 2022
Gender difference in ratings of odor intensity during olfactory training
YT Chao, D Woosch, M Pieniak, T Hummel
Journal of Sensory Studies 37 (6), e12784, 2022
Does the frequency of using emoticons in computer-mediated communication signal creativity?
A Niezabitowska, A Oleszkiewicz, M Pieniak
Creativity. Theories–Research-Applications 6 (1), 66-76, 2019
Dangers and Strangers: Pathogenic threat, fear, and perceived vulnerability do not predict ethnocentric orientations during the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe.
SJ Eder, M Stefańczyk, M Pieniak, JM Molina, J Binter, O Pešout, P Smela, ...
PsyArXiv, 2020
Predictors and motives for mask-wearing behavior and vaccination intention
J Binter, O Pešout, M Pieniak, J Martínez-Molina, EJ Noon, ...
Scientific reports 13 (1), 10293, 2023
The impact of food variety on taste identification and preferences: Evidence from the Cook Islands Archipelago
M Pieniak, K Pisanski, P Kupczyk, P Sorokowski, A Sorokowska, ...
Food Quality and Preference 98, 104512, 2022
Olfactory training effects in children after mild traumatic brain injury
M Pieniak, K Seidel, A Oleszkiewicz, J Gellrich, C Karpinski, G Fitze, ...
Brain Injury 37 (11), 1272-1284, 2023
A Simple Taste Test for Clinical Assessment of Taste and Oral Somatosensory Function—The “Seven-iTT”
M Mastinu, M Pieniak, A Wolf, T Green, A Hähner, MY Niv, T Hummel
Life 13 (1), 59, 2022
Food insecurity, hoarding behavior, and environmental harshness do not predict weight changes during the COVID-19 pandemic
SJ Eder, MM Stefanczyk, M Pieniak, JM Molina, J Binter, O Pešout, ...
Human Ethology 35 (1), 122-136, 2020
Visual Experience influences associations between Pitch and Distance, but not Pitch and Height
G Hamilton-Fletcher, M Pieniak, M Stefanczyk, K Chan, A Oleszkiewicz
Journal of Vision 20 (11), 1316-1316, 2020
What Makes a Qualified Chef? Olfactory and Sociodemographic Predictors of Vocational Exam Results in Culinary School Students
M Pieniak, M Rönsch, A Oleszkiewicz, S Abele, T Hummel
Vocations and Learning 16 (3), 487-508, 2023
Do people stop conducting olfactory training when their olfaction recovers?
M Pieniak, T Hummel
Rhinology, 2023
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